Specter.ai is a so-called binary option broker in the cryptocurrency world. A binary option or smart option means that a trader pays a fixed amount and makes a profit when he makes a good prediction of the underlying value of this currency. In many cases, binary options or smart options must be used with a so-called broker. This broker is the intermediary between the currency and the trader. Visit Spectre.ai Website

What problem does Spectre.ai solve?

Spectre is the world’s first broker-less trading platform, and is using this method to combat the pressing issue of broker manipulation and spoofing. A broker-less platform like this one has been built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, all while utilising smart contracts to carry out specific functions. Because Spectre is a broker-less platform and is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is using decentralised technology and instead of shrouding everything behind closed doors like traditional brokers, everything is out in the open without the need for an intermediary to get in the way. When a trader deposits money and initiates a trade on a platform, the whole transaction and settlement occurs behind the scenes, however with Spectre’s broker-less decentralised platform, every transaction is mined and is settled visibly on the global Ethereum blockchain and can be verified.

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Another way Spectre is looking to build a platform that is built on trust and reassurance, is the fact that it gives traders the option to never deposit their money onto the platform itself. But instead trade straight from their own wallets, so they have have control and transparency over what is happening. When traders deposit funds into their account on Spectre, the funds are then placed into a smart contract where they will remain secure and won’t be subject to alteration. Procedures like this are the reason why broker-less trading platforms are the way forward, because it inherently protects everyone involved.  Visit Spectre.ai Website

Usually, people have negative associations with a binary currency, mainly due to the presence of a broker. It is indeed possible to be scammed, because the risk of fraud is much greater. Investing in a binary option is therefore mainly discouraged.


Spectre.ai review

The team behind Specter.ai has set up its own, honest platform to trade. The main characteristic of Specter.ai is that it has removed the broker. Instead, the platform is made of conditions and agreements that are programmed in a smart contract. The smart contract is part of the Ethereum network. That way people can be sure that the trades are carried out fairly.

The problem with binary options brokers

In binary options, the brokers are usually the biggest problem. The European Financial Authorities   do not approve trading in binary options because of the high risk of fraud. After all, brokers can secretly change the transaction or, in case of profit, even decide not to pay out. There are many negative stories on various international forums. The more money traders lose, the more money to earn brokers.

That is why Spectre.ai has created a platform without brokers, on the blockchain. Every risk of fraud is prevented immediately on the basis of the blockchain.

Spectre.ai and the use of the Ethereum smart contract

Instead of brokers, Spectre.ai uses the Ethereum network and the blockchain technology behind it. The trades are summarized and programmed into a so-called smart contract. That way, the transaction can’t be tampered with. In addition, the bets are already put in the smart contract. This means that with profit, there is no party that can decide not to pay the profit.

Of course, the profit must be paid in a certain way. This is done on the basis of the liquidity pool. This liquidity pool is called DALP, which stands for 'Decentralized Autonomous Liquidity Pool '. In order to trade with Specter.ai, the need of an Ethereum Wallet is therefore a requirement.

Trading without funds on Spectre.ai

You can trade with Specter.ai directly from the wallet. It is therefore not necessary to add cryptocurrency to an account. This means that Ethereum immediately converts the crypto’s into a so-called 'fiduciary money'. This means that the value of the cryptocurrency itself is considered. This makes it possible to trade with the largest cryptocurrency.

Specter.ai is a paid service, but it is possible to create a free demo account. This can be used temporarily. In addition, 100 fictitious Ethereum tokens are credited to the account, allowing users to test different strategies. Important to know: a demo account works in a demo environment. The profits or losses are therefore not actually paid out.


Specter.ai – is it safe?

Specter.ai has been developed with safety in mind. Although Spectre.ai's license is registered in Costa Rica, this does not mean that this platform is dealing with scams. In fact, Specter.ai is one of the safest trading platforms. Every transaction is stored and mined in the Ethereum network. That is always safe and free of fraud. The advantages are: third parties can’t change the data, data from decentralized apps can’t be corrupted, cryptography is used and apps can’t be taken offline.

The liquidity pool (DALP)

Specter.ai works with a liquidity pool, as an extra guarantee for safety. If a trader makes a correct prediction, the profit will be paid from the liquidity pool. Of course it is also possible that the trader does not have made the right prediction and loses his investment. In that case, the lost amount ends up in the liquidity pool.

Spectre.ai Trading options

Specter.ai offers three ways to trade. Firstly, there is a possibility to use A-book trading, which is very similar to investing in CFDs. A-book trading involves centralized trading. Secondly, it is possible to invest in so-called CFDs. The risk of this is low, so the application is also low.

The third option is smart option. The profits of a smart option are high, but the risk too. It is easy to lose a lot of money. No idea what all these concepts mean? No problem, we explain it now.

A-book trading with Specter.ai

With A-book trading, for example, shares, assets and forex are traded. You then invest a certain amount of Ethereum in a certain share. A-book trading is regulated. This means that centralized apps are used, which means there is supervision on the transactions. There are few risks to this way of trading. In addition, Specter uses fiduciary money and not Ethereum.


CFD stands for 'Contract For Difference'. This means investing in a wide range of assets. You give a certain expectation of the value. It does not matter when you want to get your investment back; you always get the difference back. You can do this in two ways: either you have a stop loss, which means you only lose your bet, or you get a take profit, which gives you a small profit. CFDs have little risk, but the yield is therefore not very high:  Visit Spectre.ai Website for more information.

Smart options

Those who want high profits will have to take higher risks with Spectre. They can invest in binary options. One can earn 75 to 90 percent of the bet amount on top of the bet. If you lose, you lose the full amount. That is why the risk is so great. Binary options now also support Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Note: trading binary options is highly risky. 80% Of traders lose money in binary options.

In addition, speculative transactions can be carried out on more than 70 different assets. Smart options have fairly short expiration times of about 10 seconds. Of course it is also possible at Specter.ai to set a higher expiration time yourself, but you pay a higher stake.


Spectre Token Price

SPECTRE (short for Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange) is an Ethereum-based broker-less financial trading platform. SPECTRE has two types of tokens, each separately traded on different exchanges. As for the utility token, it doesn't pay financial dividends, however, it gives in-platform privileges to traders.

Here are the current prices for the Specter.ai tokens:


Spectre.ai Tradable Assets Overview

Specter.ai offers its clients a lot of different assets to be traded: forex, crypto, commodoties, ETF, indices and so on. Below in the frame is an overview of the assets and more. It is provided by Spectre.ai themselves and it might change overtime. We will try to update the file on a monthly basis. Please always find the latest list of assets on the Spectre.ai website.


Spectre.ai Payouts

Many brokers, especially binary options brokers because they have been known for this type of behaviour, simply refuse to pay out your money when they see you winning. Remember, if you are winning then the broker is losing, and if you’re losing then the broker is winning which is the whole issue. There are too many threads to count on various trading platforms that have condemned certain platforms for refusing to pay out. The brokers don’t want you taking money from them and will perform nefarious activities such as refusal to payout, or the closing of your trading accounts for no reason.

Furthermore, Spectre is built on top of Ethereum’s decentralised blockchain platform, and runs smart contracts that cannot be altered or changed in any way. For this reason alone, traders are protected if they wish to withdraw funds from the platform, because if they request a withdrawal then a smart contract is initiated and the process will take place. There is no need for an intermediary to get in the way of something that will work without a hitch.

Right now, the quality of broker platforms such as the ones that have been mentioned are causing many people to feel like they don’t have a chance within the financial markets, and this has meant that less and less people are getting involved. I can see Spectre.ai has a leader and frontrunner in establishing a new breed of trading platforms, one without shady goings on, or dubious activity but one of transparency, flawlessness and trust. In the next few years, we can expect other decentralised, trading platforms popping up because of how attractive they are to traders.


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Conclusion of the Specter.ai review

Specter.ai has a free demo account, with which you can avoid losing a lot of money by testing your trading strategies first. There is no guarantee that losses are limited though.

In addition, European and Canadian traders can use the service. In some other countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Venezuela, the service is forbidden. Users in these countries can’t use this service.

Finally, you need an Ethereum wallet. Therefore it is not necessary to deposit coins first: you can trade directly from the wallet. This makes Specter.ai one of the safest fraud-free trading platforms in the world. After all, you no longer have to worry about payouts; they take place within 24 hours. The minimum deposit per trade is $ 10. There are no additional fees.

Using your funded Ethereum wallet also means that you don’t have to share your creditcard, name and address details as well. Another benefit.

Trading has come a long way in the past few years, especially since technology has helped us to make the whole thing a lot more user friendly. Trading platforms are constantly bombarding our social media, or email accounts with offers on making special deposits to get X amount of cashback, or whether it is marketing messages about how your can become financial free and independent. The point is that the progression of technology has enabled brokerage companies to set up shop and give retail traders access to financial markets, with the hopes of being able to make money at will. There are a plethora of brokerage platforms operating in many different countries around the world, who are all fighting your attention and money, despite the seemingly positive promotional material that you might see.

It is no secret that the majority of brokers are often involved in the manipulation of prices on their platforms, for the monetary benefit they receive when retail traders lose. Large numbers of traders have fallen victim to these tactics one way or another, where it involves causing the broker to make money off of trader’s losses. There has been outcry about the crafty behaviour of some of the most reputable platforms and have accused them of price spoofing and manipulation, especially when they have compared the same price on different platforms, they can clearly see the manipulation that has taken place.