Risk Disclosure Statement

Dear Customers,

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For the information on this site the following counts:

The possible risks arising from spot trading on the global financial markets are rather considerable. For that reason you must be perfectly aware of your financial potentiality to take part in that kind of trade operations. Please consider the following information before you start:

  • You can lose the initial capital deposited to your trading account (however, the level of your possible profits is not limited in any way).
  • High degree of volatility within the financial market together with low margin requirements can bring you either considerable profit or significant loss, i.e. volatility can be both profitable and unprofitable.
  • You must be clear of that Admiral Markets (AM) is not responsible for the losses directly or indirectly caused by restrictions imposed by the government, currency and market laws, suspension of trade operations, military operations and other unforeseen circumstances, which AM cannot prevent or control.

Customer acknowledges that trading contracts for differences and other investment products traded on foreign markets is a highly speculative activity involving a high degree of risk, arising from the use of leverage and rapidly fluctuating markets. Customer represents that Customer is willing and able to assume these risks. Customer acknowledges that it is responsible for knowing the rights and terms of any investment products in its account, including but not limited to, corporate actions (such as whether an underlying security is the subject of a stock split or reverse stock split); and that AM has no obligation to notify Customer of dates of meetings or to take any other action without specific written instructions sent by Customer to AM Customer Service Department and received by AM Customer Service Department. Customer acknowledges that there are special characteristics and unique risks associated with trading in contracts for differences and other investments products. Such risks include, but are not limited to, the risk of lower liquidity, the risk of higher volatility, the risk of changing prices, the risk arising from unlinked markets, the risk of news announcements affecting prices.