Meta Trader 4 (AKA MT4) is known as one of the best Forex trading platforms available on the market today, and for that reason, it’s also one of the most popular amongst Forex brokers and traders alike. It’s developed by MetaQuotes Software, and if you want to learn Forex, it’s very likely you’ll be using Meta Trader 4, as it enables you to conduct trade transactions, interact and also analyse technical data when using the Forex, Futures and CFD markets. It was originally developed to be a Forex trading terminal, but it’s now considered a multi-market platform due to high demand and the various successful financial markets, and it’s considered highly functional. It’s come a long way and is now more user friendly and updated, with some great features to aid successful participation throughout modern financial markets.What Is Meta Trader 4

Here are just some of the features you’ll find with Meta Trader 4 for Easy-Forex:

• Meta Trader 4 has its own built-in language when it comes to trade strategies programming, called MetaQuotes Language 4. Indicators, tapescripts, expert advisers and strategy testers will help traders to test out their strategies based on real and historical data.

• The programme comes with advanced graphic tools which help aid your technical analysis of market conditions, along with a news wire and the ability to track charts and quotes online, making Meta Trader 4 a very comprehensive tool.

• You can operate the program with many open windows at one, using your own customisable settings and indicators, as well as a variety of different charts (line charts, candlestick charts, bar charts etc.)

• The programme allows you to view and organise your completed deals history in the way that suits you, meaning you’ll never lose track and can look back at your own history safe in the knowledge you won’t lose that information.

• The internal email service means you can get sound alerts to inform you of any market changes. Investor passwords allow prospective investors to keep track of various trader operations.

• Meta Trader 4 uses mathematical calculations to help you make future market forecasts based on conditions, which helps you to plan your transactions in an informed, strategic and intelligent way.

• All transactions using Meta Trader 4 are strictly confidential.

• Its multilingual interface makes it even more accessible, and you can even print charts.

• Meta Trader 4’s distinct user friendliness has been tried and tested by years of real-time use by professional, real-time traders. It can be easily be downloaded (absolutely free) and installed, and features an intuitive system.

• Stay connected with mobile trading using Meta Trader 4 – it couldn’t be simpler to use Meta Trader 4 on your mobile phone or tablet device.

• Meta Trader 4 also makes it easy to manage multiple trading accounts at once with its MultiTerminal.

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So, if you wanted to get started trading Forex and you’re looking for a UK trading platform, why not opt for Meta Trader 4 today? And lastly, good luck!

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What Is Meta Trader 4?
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