The EUR/USD High Noon strategy is a simple trend following day trading strategy, where the opening and closing of the position is based purely on the trend on a precise time. The strategy focuses on the EUR/USD forex pair. Closing open positions also happens on a precise time. Find out if this CFD Trading Strategy is something for you.

The CFD strategy in detail
The EUR/USD High Noon strategy relies on the MACD 12, 26, 9 (moving average convergence divergence indicator). The unit of time of the graph is 2 hours. The MACD is calculated over a 24-hour period (12 x 120 minutes).High Noon CFD Trading Strategy

When a position is open?
When the fast MACD (12) above the slow MACD (26), the positive market trend (increasing). When the fast MACD (12), however, under the slow MACD (26), the negative market trend (descending).

The EUR/USD High Noon is an every day trading position and this strategy opens exactly at 2:00 pm GMT +1. A long position is bought when the market, based on the MACD, is positive. A short sell position is sold when the market is negative.

Note: traders who want to play safe look at the beginning of the day in the calendar or there be economic figures published in the afternoon (usually 14 h 30). These figures can affect the trend and it is possibly better to wait until they are published.

When to close the position?
The EUR/USD High Noon strategy uses a stop. The strategy places no price target. The strike price is stuck on 100 pips from the entry level rate.

If the stop was not hit, close the position at a set time. The trader can choose between 20 h 00 and 22 h 00 GMT +1. Traders also called wish to keep a position at night choose 8 am.

Note: some traders apply those strategy with a price target. Without price target is the percentage of profitable trades 53%. This means that the trader little or no trading days to be missed, otherwise he risks a worse ratio and a much worse result. When a price target is used, e.g. 30 pips, increases the percentage of profitable trades up to 70%.

The EUR/USD High Noon strategy is a trend following strategy. Based on the trend of the day, as indicated by the MACD, the strategy opens every day at 2: 00 pm exactly a long or short sell position. The position is protected by a stop. In most cases, the position, however, by the time filter and this at the choice of the trader at 8: 00 pm, 10: 00 pm or the next morning at 8 am.

This high noon cfd trading strategy is particular interesting when trading CFD’s 80.6% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

High Noon CFD Trading Strategy
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