“A practical application of the retail forex market. A lock, stock and barrel approach to successful Forex trading course” – Stephen Beak

The Complete Forex Trader

This forex trader course consists of no more than 7 sections. It is a comprehensive guide for the novice of traders containing both video instructions and pdf files with notes and additional information.Forex Education Online Forex Course

All things involved in forex trading are explained. Section one is really back to basic with chapters like “What is traded and how” and “Choosing the right Broker”. Also topics like leverage, profits and losses are explained in almost 9 minutes.

In part four the main topic is “Meta Trader 4”. This little piece of software is used for predicting the currency exchange rate with use of several indicators:

• ADX indicator
• Bollinger Bands
• Moving Averages
• RSI indicator wimp
• Stochastic indicator

These are the indicators mostly used by professional forex traders. To learn to understand the market practising with these is necessary before using them.

Another few indicators are explained this course and after that the teacher will try to prepare you for a week trading in a 44 minutes lecture.


This is a very comprehensive guide and costing a lot of money: $ 450,-. If you are looking for a way to expand your knowledge in the forex trading market the mentioned indicators are needed. These indicators are also interesting for other kind of traders (stocks, indices, etc) but there might be a cheaper solution to them.
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  • Certificate of completion
  • A lot of indicators are explained
  • Teacher is an experienced trader


  • Pretty expensive

The author of this course gives the enrolled students lifetime access to the course and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Forex Course Testimonials

Irfaan Ameer:

Good Job. Great foundation for understanding and applying fx knowledge!

Ruggero Sandri-Boriani:

Brilliant, empowering introduction to Forex trading; simple strategies that work Absolutely awesome course overall. The important, required knowledge is covered in detail so you start off on the right foot.

The scalping (instant trades) are excellent, and very well covered. I do feel that perhaps the longer-term strategies were sort of brushed over somewhat, and I’m left quite a bit less confident in this strategy than with scalping. Lecture 32 Pin Bar entries felt completely out of left field and I couldn’t understand how it tied in with the rest of the material or how/when to use it. Overall though, I’ve tried self-education via Babypips and a couple other resources, and so far this has been by far the best I’v come across! I finally feel empowered enough to start trading!

Dawn Trader:

very concise. very good
learning from people with much more knowledge of Fx than me. the course is to the point and is not wasting time on silly things.

Buying courses online is always scary; will the course be worth its money? Fortunately Udemy offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Next to that, the courses purchased are available on the pc, tablet and smartphone. You can view and review the materials for ever. Just like video on demand.

Forex Education – Online Forex Course
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