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facebook stocks

Shares in US social media icon Facebook are trading a little lower pre-market on Tuesday. Price continues to correct lower from the recent November highs just short of the 300 mark. The company has been hit by a slew of negative press this week regarding its safeguarding procedures as well as its proposed encryption program.

Censorship Under Question

A report released by the Coalition for a Safer Web criticized Facebook over its failure to address a White Supremacist network on the site. The site has over 80,000 followers, including links to the far-right movement in the UK.

The network includes over 40 different neo-Nazi sites, as well as links to sites selling neo-Nazi merchandise. The report alleges that Facebook was alerted to the existence of the network two years ago and has failed to stop it or address it in any way.

Legal Trial in the US

Facebook has been in the spotlight a great deal lately. Accusations are that the company does not do enough to censor hate speech and propagan...

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