When investing in commodities you can choose things like oil and silver. Gold of course also one of the commodities trading platform offer when investing in commodities.

Really billions of people depend on everyday goods such as cotton, wheat, corn and oil. In order to make, for bread-baking clothes or as fuel for the car. The goods that we need every day, we call “commodities.” Traditional goods that humans need and where man is dependent on, have been traded for thousands of years, and the markets for these commodities will always exist. The price of products such as wheat or cotton we need in our daily existence is determined by the interplay of supply and demand.

Below is a list that shows the possibilities when it comes to investing in commodities. As you can see trading coffee, wheat , sugar, etc.  is possible. There is, as with all products Plus500 CFD Service the ability to choose to buy ( long ) or sell ( short). Remember, your capital is at risk.

Investing in commodities

Gold is very expensive. But thanks to a trading platform that offers leverage you are able and allowed to invest $100 to buy for $1000 for example. With a minimum investment of a few dollars, many ounces of silver or gold can be bought for example.

Buying or selling (go short) of the raw materials is simple, the trader only needs to look to the direction the rate of that raw material will go, the trend will be put in case of a a falling rate. To make earn money this is the critical point to be addressed. There are many charts and tips that you may find helpful, making every decision a lot easier.


Making money by trading commodities is not such a bad idea. The euro and the dollar are under enormous pressure from inflation, unemployment , the PIGS countries ( Portugal , Italy , Greece , Spain ) , and the problems they have . There are of course many more problems to mention that the world has to deal with at this time .

The question is whether it is all still going to end well with the euro and the dollar as they now exist. One after another problem arises and therefore it is wise to turn to other methods that retain their value as commodities. Away some power

Commodities trading